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Genki Model (Japanese-Hawaiian model)
He grew up and learn how to surf in Hawaii at the  age 12 and became the grand champ in Japan 2012.
His board is super responsive with narrower nose & tail that has low volume compare to my other designs.  But we found the perfect balance too keep the speed with stability after working together many years. 
I insist definitely more control than automatic floaty glide to stay in where you want to be next.  I recommend this model to the people feel longboards are too heavy, slow or boat... It's good for small surfers and quick styles.
suggested size(EPS)
 9-21.5-2.5 (~140lbs)
9-21.75-2.63 (120~160lbs)   

Genki PinkII model is designed for smaller conditions based on original Genki model above.

Slightly low rocker with fuller out line and fatter rails will works better for powerless softer waves.

Genki is super sensitive to the board so I carefully fine tuned it without sacrificing performances.

This model has been very popular among Japanese surfers who mainly surf beach breaks.  

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