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Omilu 1,2,3

OMILU is my mid-length design that I've been keep riding it almost 3 years.
It's super fun 1~6ft+.   Sitting outside waiting for the set and catch waves effortlessly. 
glide like long board until finding sections to hit...  You don't have to rush like a  short board and you don't have to wait to turn like a long board.
I love riding the original Omilu with single or twin, called 2or1.
I could enjoy different lines with the same board by changing fin set ups.
​I researched this model to be better single or twin seriously last year and finally fine tuned two more mid-length designs.
Model 2 is designed to ride as Twin.   It's all about Speed.  Swallow tail will be more stable and easier to turn when it's twin.  Also nose is slightly narrower and rails are tapered with semi-flat deck so that you can maximize critical controls.  Ideal condition is 2~4+ faster wave with long shoulders because it's so fast....
Model 3 is basically single fin.  It didn't work as Twin because of the outline.
The extra wide nose
 & the narrow pin tail wouldn't allow me to stay on tail to create speed for twin fins.  But single fin was surprisingly loose and drive at bottom.  The biggest advantage for model 3 is easy take-off.  It'll catch like a mini long board at the outside peak.   It'll be super fun stress-free board especially when you want to be lazy for small and slow days.
SO, Original Omilu is well balanced for any fin-set ups,
Model 2 is for strictly twin lovers.  Model 3 is for single fin lovers.
They all work better than you think.  HAHAHA

Availabe length  7'6"~6'0

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